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The Rite Solution(s) for Water Balance

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All pools are not created equal. Yet, they do all share one thing in common — the need for proper water balance.

The Acid-Rite pH Adjustment System, developed by Axiall Water Treatment Products, is now presenting aquatic facility operators with a pair of options designed to fit the unique applications of their facility, all while delivering a safer and simpler way to achieve water balance.

The only NSF/ANSI Standard 50 listed acid system for commercial pools, both the Acid-Rite 2500 and Acid-Rite 450 models each present a safer and simpler approach to water balance. Powered by innovative tablet-erosion technology, each Acid-Rite system is an effective alternative to bulky liquid acid systems and cumbersome granular sodium bisulfate bags. Acid-Rite provides reliable pH balancing combined with easy installation and maintenance.

So how do you know which Acid-Rite model is best designed to meet the needs of your facility? Here’s our water balance breakdown:


Acid-Rite 2500

Acid-Rite 2500The Acid-Rite 2500 model is engineered to service commercial pools up to 1 million gallons in size. Much like the 450 model, its tablets are colored red to distinguish them from traditional chlorine tablets, which are typically colored white or blue.

Balancing pool water at a 1 million gallon facility is a critical, yet difficult task. Thanks to the consistent acid delivery from the Acid-Rite 2500, proper water balance (7.2 – 7.8 pH levels) not only enables sanitizers to operate at an optimal performance, but safeguards swimmers against harmful pathogens. Acid-Rite’s 45-lb resealable bags are much easier to handle than muriatic acid drums weighing over 500 lbs as well as granular sodium bisulfate bags that are awkward to manage and can’t be re-sealed.




Acid-Rite 450

Acid-Rite 450The recent addition of the Acid-Rite 450 enables commercial swimming pool facilities with smaller bodies of water to benefit from Axiall’s tablet pH adjustment system. The smaller model is tailored for commercial pools and spas up to 300,000 gallons.

With a more compact feeder and a smaller footprint than the Acid-Rite 2500, the 450 model (14” wide x 20” long x 44” high) is also conducive to an efficient pump room operation. Acid-Rite tablets for each system are made of sodium bisulfate and have a low odor that helps to create a more pleasant pump room environment for pool operators.

When combined with the Accu-Tab® Water Chlorination System, operators gain a more practical one-two punch in maintaining water quality at aquatic facilities of any size.

Visit Acid-Rite’s website for more information on each Acid-Rite model and how they equip aquatic facilities of all sizes with a safer and simpler solution to water balance.


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