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Word of Mouth: Tablet Testimonials


Aquatic facility operators all across the country are realizing the benefits of the Accu-Tab® Water Treatment System. Hear how the tablet-based system has helped improve their operation – straight from the source.


“In my nearly 10 years of experience with them here, it’s been the best thing that we've ever done to the pools.”

-Gregory Russell, Kentucky 4-H Youth Development Camp (Lexington, KY)

“Each of our 11 sites have Accu-Tab. So with just a few of us watching it, it's a lot easier to maintain. We don't have to always stay on top of them like the old system.”

-Rick Faria, East Side Union High School (San Jose, CA)

“Ever since we made the switch over to Accu-Tab it’s been great. The tablets are very easy to handle and it’s really been a big help from a maintenance perspective.

-Chris Rosenkranz, Great Lakes Athletic Club (Lake Orion, MI)

“We want to make the water quality is as good as possible. They came in and had their technicians sort out where we could get the best use from the chemicals that they had. They then implemented those chemicals to a point where right now, our water quality is absolutely sensational.”

-Chad Conrad, UCLA Spieker Aquatics Center (Los Angeles, CA)

“We tried one of their Accu-Tab PowerBase chlorinator units for a couple of months. It ended up being a great product and we ended up installing them.”

-Israel Goins, San Jose Unified School District (San Jose, CA)

“Everything about Accu-Tab is a lot easier to deal with, and when it comes right down to it, it’s about saving money,” he said. “Time is money in our situation, and that's the biggest thing that Accu-Tab does for us.”

-Gregory Russell

“It got so much easier to maintain to keep up. We did a whole bunch of new pools and just went with that system.

-Rick Faria

“Whereas before I was going back and forth to the same site every hour to feed chlorine to make sure we didn't drop below county lines and then get shut down. Now it’s a lot easier, and has allowed us to do stuff around the pools that we weren't able to do before.”

-Israel Goins


Visit the Accu-Tab website to see for yourself the benefits of implementing our tablet-based technology in your aquatic facility.

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