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Tablet Talk: FAQs on Implementing Cal-Hypo Tablet Systems

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Maintaining a clean, chemically-balanced pool is a long-term investment in not only your staff, but your equipment as well – particularly your calcium-hypochlorite (cal-hypo) tablet system. In fact, a strong understanding of cal-hypo system ownership can often mean the difference between the success or failure of your aquatics facility.

With this in mind, we've include some cal-hypo tablet tidbits that will put you on the path to a balanced, crystal clear pool.

Ensure Your Equipment is Compatible
Tablet InsetA common mistake is using incompatible cal-hypo tablets with your cal-hypo tablet system. Besides the fact that these tablets void the manufacturer’s warranty and violate state codes that require compliance with NSF/ANSI Standard 50, 60 and 61, these can cause severe harm to both pool and patron. Safety risks associated with these tablets include over/under chlorination, noxious fumes, explosivity and flammability.

Know Your Shelf Life
The best cal-hypo tablets maintain their strength for nearly a year when kept under the proper conditions. To gain the most from your cal-hypo tablets after a long period of time, store them in their original container with the lid sealed tight in a cool, dry location with ample ventilation. It is ill-advised to keep tablets anywhere near sparks, heat, flames, excessive sunlight or other sources of heat. Since cal-hypo is a Class 3 oxidizer, it is recommended you notify your local fire department officials regarding your tablets’ storage conditions.

Keep Up with Maintenance
Cal-hypo tablet systems require very little maintenance. Typically, it is advised to clean the system once a year with diluted acid to remove any deposits. However, the water quality within the system ultimately determines how frequently you should clean the system.

Know When to Refill
For refill frequency, the answer can be varied. Typically, there are two factors that dictate system refills – how much cal-hypo you use in one day and the size of your system. For an answer specific to you, contact an Accu-Tab Specialist for more information.

Make the Right Choice
Ultimately, the greatest contributor to a clean pool is having the right chlorination system. Accu-Tab’s chlorinators and cal-hypo tablets combine ease-of-use with effective, reliable chemical dispersion.

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