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Signs Your Pump Room Needs a Pick Me Up

GreenPool2All inefficient pump rooms come with telltale signs that signal stress for aquatic facility operators.

From frequent pump room visits to inconsistent chlorination strength, aquatic facility operators need to know the warning signs of an inefficient operation before it is at risk of a shutdown, or worse, putting swimmers in danger.

By keeping the following warning signs in mind, operators have an opportunity to identify pump room problems before they escalate.

Frequent Maintenance

MaintenanceEfficient chlorinators typically only requiring cleaning and maintenance once per year, so frequent trips to the pump room should be a red flag. Clogged chlorinators, damaged feed pumps and tubing leaks from inefficient chlorine gas systems cause aquatic facility managers to spend multiple hours a week in the pump room and other poolside priorities fall behind.

Inconsistent Chlorine Strength

InconsistentIt’s no secret that the ideal pH range for your pool water is anywhere from 7.2-7.8, but what do the symptoms of an unbalanced pool look like? When pH levels are too high, swimmers will tend to develop red eyes and dry skin, while low pH levels lead to water that appears cloudy and can reduce the life of equipment and surfaces. Chlorination methods such as liquid bleach make it difficult to control chlorine at consistent levels – with fluctuating chlorine strength from batch to batch – and require frequent monitoring of pH and calcium.

Unpleasant Pump Room

UnpleasantA crowded pump room can often be a warning sign of inefficient chlorination. Not only are bleach drums bulky and heavy – often weighing over 500 pounds – but they take up a lot of space in the pump room and require costly containment solutions. There’s no reason for your pump room to develop any type of odor as well. If you smell any noxious fumes, be sure to act right away, as they can lead to increased potential for explosion and fire due to mixing of incompatible chemicals.

Accu-Tab® Has the Answer

The Accu-Tab chlorination system and Acid-Rite® pH Adjustment System provide a solution to all of these pump room problems, delivering low-maintenance, consistent chlorine delivery and pump room efficiency. Accu-Tab chlorinators typically only require cleaning and maintenance once per year, while consistent chlorine strength allows for reliable control. Accu-Tab cal-hypo tablets also come in 55 pound pails, instead of the cumbersome drums associated with other systems.

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