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Not All Tablets Are Created Equal

RGB.jpgWhen doing research on calcium hypochlorite (or cal hypo) tablets, the most important thing to note is that all tablets are not a one size fits all proposition.

These tablets may have similar functions, but results will not always be the same depending on the manufacturer and chemical components. Understanding the differences between reliable and unreliable models is essential to producing the best and safest results for your aquatic facility.


What Are Cal Hypo Tablets?
Cal hypo tablets were created to be a safer alternative to liquid bleach, liquid chlorine and chlorine gas. Protective clothing, masks and even trained professionals are required for bleach or chlorine usage. Cal hypo tablets packaged in a dry form, typically in lighter pails, and contain 65 percent chlorine compared to liquid bleach, which only has 12 percent. The calcium component is less corrosive and prevents damage to concrete, plaster and piping in the pool. Safety gloves and eyewear are the only protective items needed to handle tablets. Overall, the tablets are easy to use and will keep pools clean without the use of harmful chemicals.

Tablet Red Flags
If someone is new to the cal hypo market, there are some important things to note before purchasing. Unreliable tablets from foreign or knock-off markets tend to be white, while properly manufactured tablets are blue. Many white tablets produced by these markets can be harmful to your pool water and more importantly, to the people using the pool. These tablets may come with lower price tags, but they have not been properly tested. Knock-off products can lead to either excessive or insufficient chlorination delivery, which can lead to a number of health and safety concerns. It is also important to note that one-inch tablets cannot be substituted for three-inch tablets because they are not certified and could lead to problems down the road. Additionally, it is of the utmost importance to properly store cal hypo tablets and it is ill-advised to mix with trichlor.

Choosing the Right Tablets

Accu-Tab® manufactures blue, three-inch cal hypo tablets that are safe, reliable and effective. Compared to chlorine gas, liquid bleach or trichlor tablets, Accu-Tab tablets are pH-friendly and don’t require as many adjustment chemicals. This causes easy water balance, making for a less stressful process.

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