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Health Inspectors Are Taking Note of Well-Trained Pool Staffs

AXA_EducationAttention pool facility operators: If you’re noticing a lack of recreational water knowledge amongst your staff, it’s likely that pool inspectors are taking note as well.

A well-trained staff that understands the core elements of pool water quality, equipment and inspection requirements is often a key element in a successful operation.

Yet, this important knowledge often comes along with one common denominator – a low staff turnover rate. The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) and the makers of the Accu-Tab® Chlorination System completed a survey on the experiences of local health departments in recreational water facility inspection. A key part of this study analyzes the correlation between staff knowledge and the type of aquatic facility they manage.


Facility Staff and Turnover Rates

To analyze how employee knowledge relates to retention, it’s important to understand what types of facilities are experiencing the highest turnover rate. Seventy-three percent of polled respondents reported dealing with the same operator for at least two more years at school and university aquatic facilities.

A close second are community pools where 59 percent of respondents reported having the same operator for at least two years. Turnover rates become much higher in facilities such as apartment complexes, HOAs, hotels and motels and fitness centers.


Facility Staff Knowledge

Inspectors were asked to give their thoughts on the level of knowledge of the pool staff they encounter at the various types of facilities they inspect. First, they were asked the staff’s level of pool water and equipment maintenance knowledge. Since turnover is the lowest at both schools/universities and water parks and resorts, it is no surprise that both received high marks for being very knowledgeable with regards to pool water and equipment maintenance.

However, survey respondents reported that facilities with higher turnover had staff with either adequate or limited knowledge with regard to pool water and equipment. For example, inspectors indicated that more than 40 percent of operators for HOAs, motels and apartment complexes possess limited knowledge when it comes to pool water and equipment


Facility Staff Knowledge of Inspection Requirements

The inspectors were also asked their perception of the staff’s level of knowledge on local/state/federal inspection requirements. Polling data suggests that a relationship between staff turnover rates and knowledge may exist. Both inspection requirement knowledge and operation and maintenance knowledge are vitally important and necessary to safely operate a recreational water facility.

Would you like to read the entire report? You can download the survey here.

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