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Expert Aquatic Evaluations: Make Sure Your Facility Isn’t Underwater

Consultation Blog ImageAnnual appointments are a pivotal means to ensure things are running smoothly. Whether it’s a yearly physical or simply bringing your vehicle in for annual servicing, proactive maintenance is crucial to long-term sustainability.

Aquatic facilities are no different. Pools of all sizes require consistent evaluations to make sure operations are efficient, water is properly balanced and all pump room parts are delivering consistent chlorination.

Accu-Tab offers a free, no-obligation six-point consultation for us to not only assess your facility, but recommend how the Accu-Tab and Acid-Rite pH Adjustment systems can help to simplify your operations.

Upon arrival at your facility, we will inspect the following:

The first order of business will be checking your filter system by marking down the number of filters, in addition to the pressure of the inlet and outlet filters. Among the various potential mechanical issues in filters, the spider gasket can occasionally be worn and cause excessive leaking, urging replacement. Gritty particles such as sand can also cause internal damage to the standpipe of the filter, compromising effectiveness.

Your Pump and Motor
As the centerpiece of the pump room, the pump and motor must be fully operable at all times. We take note of the recirculation frequency of your pump system, as well as the motor type. As an Accu-Tab specialist, we’ve seen firsthand how Accu-Tab’s delivery pumps help to significantly minimize pump room maintenance.

Chemical Feed System
When taking a look at your chemical support feeder system, we account for the brand and model number of both your chlorinator and brominator, as well as specifications on your liquid chlorine feed. We also calculate the average chemical demand per day of your aquatic facility, while noting if a stabilizer is used. Any other miscellaneous information – such as concerns with the current system, outputs, adjustments, etc. – are also recorded. The Accu-Tab system delivers consistent chlorine strength, allowing for reliable control.

Acid Addition Method
We also make sure to pay special attention to your method of acid addition. An effective alternative to bulky liquid acid systems and granular sodium bisulfate bags, the Acid-Rite chemical delivery system provides reliable pH balancing combined with easy installation and maintenance

Water Test Parameters
Your water’s composition is a pivotal part of your operation. That’s why we measure everything from total chlorine composition and free chlorine to pH levels, amount of stabilizer and total alkalinity. Maintaining proper water balance can be the difference between a fully functional pool and unsafe conditions for swimmers.

York Work Area
We’ll assess your pump room by first taking measurements of the width of the door frame, as well as the overall size of the space. Take this opportunity to learn about acceptable workspace conditions and how to improve these conditions for the future. A crowded pump room can often be a warning sign of inefficient chlorination. Not only are bleach drums bulky and heavy – often weighing over 500 pounds – but they take up a lot of space in the pump room and require costly containment solutions.

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