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Don’t Let an Inefficient Pump Room Pull You Down

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Operating an aquatic facility is hard work, and an inefficient pump room can make a tough job even more difficult.

Troublesome chlorinators can lead to precious hours of wasted time inside the pump room—time that could be well-spent on other poolside priorities. Specifically, attending to clogged chlorinators, frequent bleach pump repairs and inconsistent water quality takes time away from the important tasks outside the pump room that also keep your pool up and running.

Whether it’s finally earning that elusive Certified Pool Operator® (CPO) certification or implementing the after-school swim program you’ve been talking about for months, let’s take a look at some of the other responsibilities you could be doing if it weren’t for your inefficient pump room:

Clean Pool Environment

Get more time back in your day to make sure your pool water is crystal blue and the accessories around the water is in top condition. Polish the stainless steel ladders and other metal accessories around the pool, take your time with the vacuum process and make sure all accessories like lane dividers, ladders and railings are clean.

Get Certified

Is your CPO certification set to expire soon, but you’re having a hard time blocking off time to become re-certified or earn your initial certification? Spending less time in the pump room is a surefire way to free up the two days needed to take the course, pass the exam and brush up on the essential elements of pool chemistry.

Filling the Calendar

Ensuring the maximum use of your aquatic space is the lifeblood of any commercial pool. Yet, dedicating the time to make sure the calendar is booked can often be a difficult chore. Scheduling outside user groups, swim programs and competitive events will ensure that your aquatic facility is being maximized throughout pool season.

Staffing Solutions

Hiring the right staff can mean the difference between a well-run pool and one that is at risk of improperly using pool chemicals and equipment. This makes the recruiting process all the more important. Even with the right staff in place, regular training and oversight of lifeguards and aquatic facility staff is critical to providing a safe space for pool users to enjoy.

The Accu-Tab® Chlorination System and Acid-Rite® pH Adjustment System deliver a simplified and solution to consistent chlorination and water balance. With maintenance reduced to primarily just once per year, the Accu-Tab system provides aquatic facility managers with the opportunity to tend to other aspects of their pool, without the hassle of being stuck inside the pump room.

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