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Aquatic Accidents Happen


The use of certain pool chemicals come with inherent risks attached to them.

Not only do chemicals like bleach and chlorine gas become dangerous when inadvertently mixed with other chemicals, but the potential for liquid chlorine leaks comes into play.

While these issues have been well-documented, aquatic facility managers often believe that these problems won’t make their way to their pool. The only problem is, the harsh reality is that many pools across America are staffed by part time help and plagued by employee turnover that can lead to pump room problems—and ultimately health hazards.

Chemical Concerns Up Close

Over the past two years alone, several aquatic facilities have succumbed to the dangers that come along with liquid chemicals:

Eliminating Liquid Concerns

Want to steer clear of chemical leaks and inadvertent chemical mixes? The Accu-Tab® Chlorination System has the answer. The cal-hypo technology delivers tablets with no dual containment to reduce the risk of leaks and spills—all while providing consistent and accurate chlorine levels. Additionally, the Acid-Rite® pH Adjustment System delivers a safer and simpler way to achieve water balance.

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