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Acid-Rite: A Balanced Approach to pH Control

AcidRite1From hazardous potential spills to cumbersome equipment, the hassles associated with muriatic acid and granular sodium bisulfate water balancing systems are well documented.

But with the Acid-Rite® pH Adjustment System, aquatic facility operators have a safer and simpler way to achieve water balance. From the makers of the Accu-Tab® Water Chlorination System, Acid-Rite tablet erosion technology not only brings consistent pH levels to your aquatic facility, but also requires very little maintenance while creating a pleasant workplace environment.

The only NSF/ANSI Standard 50 listed acid system for commercial pools, Acid-Rite brings balance to pools up to 1 million gallons (Acid-Rite 2500 model). For facilities looking to save space in the pump room, the new Acid-Rite 450 model is even smaller while still delivering the same reliability for pools and spas up to 300,000 gallons.

The Acid-Rite advantage:

Safety IconSafety First
Composed of solid chemicals made of sodium bisulfate with no dual contaminant, Acid-Rite tablets bring safety to the pump room by eliminating potential liquid spills and minimizing odor.

Handling IconGetting a Handle
Acid-Rite’s 45-lb resealable bags are much easier to handle than muriatic acid drums weighing over 500 lbs as well as granular sodium bisulfate bags that are awkward to manage and can’t be re-sealed.

Maintenance IconMaintenance Made Easy
With the Acid-Rite system, you’ll spend less time in the pump room than ever before. Instead of constantly repairing feed pumps, Acid-Rite feeders rarely require cleaning or maintenance.

When combined with the Accu-Tab system, operators gain a more practical one-two punch in maintaining water quality at aquatic facilities of any size.

See the Acid-Rite advantage for yourself and start down a path toward finding your (water) balance!

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