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A Tutorial on Tablets

How Accu-Tab Works-BlogSome water treatment systems can cause a lot of headaches—but they don’t have to.

Liquid bleach is difficult to control and highly corrosive. Peroxyacetic acid requires troublesome metering pumps, and chlorine dioxide requires high maintenance costs and a large space for storage.

Yet, the Accu-Tab® system uses a solid form of chlorine so there's no risk of liquid spills or leaks and no need for expensive safety systems or containment.

Accu-Tab System's design allows for a consistent delivery rate, ensuring that the correct amount of chlorine is delivered at all times. Tablets sit on a sieve plate inside the chlorinator and a stream of untreated water reaches the bottom tables which erode at a predictable rate.

Watch the demo below to see firsthand how the Accu-Tab system works:


Visit Accu-Tab’s website for more information on how the Accu-Tab system is well-equipped to treat aquatic facilities of all shapes and sizes—from pools and spas to a large waterpark.

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